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A Better Concert Experience

So your big “secret” surprise concert weekend is approaching.  You’ve got the tickets, and they’re great seats too.  You’ve made dinner arrangements, lined up your wife’s 5 best friends to take with you, it’s going to be the best birthday present your wife has ever gotten.  Only one problem, how are you going to get there?  Carpool in the family mini-van?  Sure, you’d all fit, but then who’s going to be the designated driver?  Taxi?  Ah, no thanks…

Cab driver

How about that cool phone app ‘soccer mom’ car service with the funny name that’s all the rage?  Will they have a big enough car available when you ‘request’ them?  And who’s going to show up if they do?  Not exactly confidence inspiring.


No, you need more than that.  This is your wife’s 40th birthday, after all.  It’s time to step it up and call in the professionals.  You need a chauffeur driven limo.  No worries about space.  No concerns about drinking and driving.  No problems with traffic or parking.  And there’s a full bar for the ‘party before the party’.  It’s the only way to go…


You’ll arrive on time, in stylish comfort, and ready for the music!  And your wife will feel like a queen for the night.  And when the concert is over, your limo will be waiting for you, ready to get you back home safe and sound.  It’s a night your wife won’t forget, nor will you.


We have a large selection of limousines to choose from.  Whether you have 2 or 20 people in your group, we’ve got a luxury vehicle that will fit.  Take a look at our limousine fleet page for some ideas, or feel free to give us a call.  We’re here 24/7 365, ready to help you pick your perfect concert limo.  Enjoy the show!

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