Date Night

OK, guys.  It’s time for date night.  The kids are with the grandparents, and you and your wife haven’t had a chance to go out without them in months.  You’ve already booked the restaurant, and picked up the movie tickets.  There’s only one thing left to do, to make this night perfect…


Tonight is special, and you need to make it all that more special by adding a limousine to the mix.  Now it doesn’t have to be some insane 20 passenger Hummer limo or anything.  No, this time, for this occasion, something more subtle is needed.  A nice luxury sedan will fit the bill.  Something like the Mercedes S550 or a 7-series BMW will do nicely.

The thing is, you’re not going to tell her you’ve booked a car until it shows up in front of the house on date night.  She’ll be expecting to drive the family car, or maybe take a cab or one of those amateur car services.  So just imagine the look on her face when a luxury sedan rolls up, driven by a professional chauffeur.



You’ll be whisked off to the restaurant in elegant style.  Your driver will take you right to the front, let you out, and be waiting for you when you’ve finished dinner.  No parking hassles, and no waiting for your car to be brought up by the valet (with some new scratches in it or door dings).  Oh, and you and your wife can enjoy that bottle of wine tonight, since neither of you will be doing the driving.

DC restaurant 01

After dinner, your chauffeur will take you to the movie theater, and be waiting for you when you come out.  Again, no parking issues, no traffic hassles, just a quiet relaxing ride all night.

The only thing is… once your wife gets this sort of treatment, it’s going to be tough selling her on the family sedan and McDonald’s!  You’ve been warned.

If you like the sound of this plan, take a look at our DC limo fleet page to get some ideas, then submit your free online limo price quote, and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic night out with the one you love.

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Wine Tasting in DC

Whether you’re just visiting Washington DC for a weekend, or you are a resident, you really owe it to yourself to see as much as you can while you’re there.  Obviously there’s no shortage of national monuments and buildings to see, but perhaps after a day or two of that, you’ll be interested in something a little different.


We’re talking about wine tasting tours here.  Maybe that’s not something that immediately comes to mind when you’re in DC, but it really should be, as there are some outstanding wineries in the area, such as Boxwood Winery, Barrel Oak Winery, and RdV Vineyards, to name just a few.  You’ll find these and more on the Washingtonian website, and US News.


So, once you’ve decide on which ones you want to visit, you might want to consider alternatives to driving yourself, since that’s not exactly the most convenient thing to do in a town like DC, where parking is expensive, traffic is heavy, and navigation to the various wineries can be daunting.

Since this is probably not something you’re going to get the chance to do very often, why not make your wine tasting that much better, relaxing and safer by booking a luxury sedan, SUV or coach for your day out?  No set destinations – it’s up to you.  Visit the locations you want to, or let our experienced chauffeurs help in that regard.  Then essentially sit back and enjoy the ride.  It’s your car, your day, your decision.


Large group or small, we have a wide variety of luxury vehicles in our fleet. Sip a glass of wine while cruising through beautiful wine country.  No parking hassles, no navigation planning.  Just you, some soft music, the scenery, and the wine.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, give us a call, check out our website, or submit a free limo price quote request.  The start your DC wine tour adventure to remember.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the wine!


10 Reasons for a Limousine

Washington DC and the surrounding areas are one of the most history-rich parts of the United States to visit.  With so much to do, and so many beautiful places to see, you need to book at least a week or more to be able to take it all in.  And plan to do a lot of driving if you want to explore on your own.  But if you’d rather ride than drive, and aren’t keen on public transportation or phone app car services, but aren’t sure you really need a limo, we’ve got a list of 10 reasons why you might want to consider one, instead of those other options.


1. You get to ride in a Limousine! And that’s something that all ages enjoy!

2. Riding in a limousine gives you the freedom to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your friends or family, in a private, quiet and luxurious environment.

3. If you enjoy having an adult beverage or two with your friends, having a reliable designated driver chauffeur at you service is definitely the way to go.  Plus, it’s legal to drink in a limousine.  Not so with public transportation or amateur car services.

Lincoln Town Car Limo - interior

4. If you have kids, enough said.  They love limos!

5. You get the V.I.P. treatment usually reserved for DC bigwigs!

6. A professional with knowledge of the city is behind the wheel.


7. You can continue the party after the event, or on the way to the next stop!

8. Corporate meetings are much more productive, with room to work on the way.

9. There is no better way to get in/out of the DC area airports than a limousine.


10. As we mentioned at the beginning, if you want to take in all the sites that DC has to offer, doing so in a luxury limousine, with an experienced guide navigating through the city, you can’t go wrong with a limo.  No set “tour routes”.  You go where you want to go, stay as long as you want to stay, or if you’d rather not plan things out yourself, sit back and let your personal tour guide take you to the best spots.


So if any or all of these sound like a good idea to you – whether you’re a tourist or a local – check out our DC limo fleet, or submit a free online limo price quote request, and get started planning your DC adventure!  We’re here 24/7 365 to serve you, always ready and willing to answer your luxury transportation questions, or help you to choose the perfect limo for any occasion.

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Some Guys Have All The Luck…

Now we all know about girls night out.  In fact, we even wrote a blog post about that very thing not too long ago.  Which got us thinking… what about the guys?  Don’t they need their own night out?  We think so!

bored guy

Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get to planning.  Hit the bars?  Dinner?  Bowling?  Clubbing?  Cruising downtown?  All of the above?  Sure, why not.  Next decision… how are you guys gonna get there?  Taxi?  Phone app car service?  Carpool in your buddy’s mini van?  Seriously?!  No sir, not tonight.  First of all, there’s 6 of you (possibly 8), and you all want to hang out together, not take several cars.  And of course, no one is volunteering to be the all important designated driver.  The decision looks pretty clear at this point.  You guys need a limousine.


OK, you know the game plan, you made your transportation choice, now it just comes down to which limo is right for you.  You could go with an SUV, or maybe a traditional stretch limo, but if you really want to stand out (and stand up inside), you need a Mercedes-Sprinter luxury coach.  This bad boy will get you there in style, with LED lighting, high end multimedia system, and class throughout.


So with the destinations set, the vehicle chosen, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let your professional chauffeur handle all the driving, navigating and parking chores.  He’ll be with you the whole night.  One driver, one car, ready and waiting to take you to your next destination – whether that’s a bar, or back home at the end of the night.  And not to worry… what happens in the limo, stays in the limo.

Take a look at our DC limousine fleet page, submit a free online limo price quote request, or give us a call.  We’re always open, and always ready to help you choose the perfect limo for your needs.

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Executives Deserve Better

Ask anyone you know what occasions they think of when they hear the word limousine, or limo, and they will probably respond; wedding, prom, bachelor party, or a night on the town.  Yes, those are all common uses for a limousine, but one use is frequently overlooked, that of corporate and executive travel.


Airport transfers, transportation to and from meetings, or maybe taking the office staff out for dinner after a particularly good week.  All the typical limousines that are available for the wedding/party clients are also available for executives.  And they don’t all have to have flashing neon lights and ear blasting sound systems.  Understated Lincoln Town Cars or Lincoln MKTs are generally preferred over a big flashy super stretch limo when it comes to corporate travel.  And a party bus can be configured for corporate use too, which could come in handy for say a corporate weekend retreat.


And we mentioned airport transportation.  That’s a very popular use of limousines.  Why take a stinky taxi when you can travel in style and comfort in a luxury sedan or executive SUV?  It sure beats those “amateur car services’ where you never know what or who you’ll get.  With us you’ll get a professional chauffeur who knows where he’s going, knows how to keep a low profile, and knows how to give you the best trip possible.


If this sounds good to you, take a look at our website where you can see our DC limousine fleet to help you figure out what vehicles would work for you.  We’re also available any time to talk, should you have any questions.

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A Happier Birthday?

Sure there’s cake, cards, gifts and friends, but let’s say your mother’s birthday is approaching, and perhaps it’s a big one like 50, or 60.  Obviously you want to throw her a party, which will likely include dinner, but you’re feeling like something a little more is needed.  And guess what… we have some ideas…

Happy Birthday Mom

Go ahead and make reservations at her favorite restaurant and get all her friends together, and if you’re thinking surprise party, arrange the ‘setup’.  Invite your mom over, tell her you’re going to take her and your dad out for dinner, but of course, keep the part about her friends joining in, and the fact that there’s going to be a limo out.


On the special night, plan for mom and dad to drive over to your place, and invite them in.  The limo can be hiding a couple streets over.  Have the chauffeur pull up when mom isn’t paying attention, and direct mom out front, and watch the big smile on her face when the chauffeur is there waiting with the door open.  For an extra nice touch, a red carpet and flowers can be added – it’s up to you.  Mom will be thrilled either way, as she is whisked off in her limousine to the restaurant with you and the family.

When you arrive at the restaurant, mom’s friends will be there waiting to add to the surprise!  Then it’s time for dinner, drinks, cake and the big celebration.  And when the night is done, your limo will be waiting outside, waiting to take you, mom and the family home.  Trust us when we say this will be a night mom will never forget.  And doesn’t your mom deserve something special like this, at least once in her life?


If this sounds like something you’d like to do for your mother, check out our website to get an idea of the types of vehicles we have in our DC limousine fleet. There are a wide variety to choose from that will fit just about any taste or capacity needs.  We’re here 24/7 365, ready to assist you in planning mom’s amazing birthday spectacular!  Call us any time, or get a free no obligation limo price quote on our website.

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Girls’ Night Out!

It’s that time… time when the girls get out and hit the town without the boys.  It’s been a long week, and it’s time for a party.  Get the girls together, and start planning.  Will it be a restaurant, the club scene, a local bar, dancing?  The night is yours, to do as you want.  The sky is the limit, as they say.


So, plans made, girlfriends gathered, there’s just one more thing… who’s driving?

Well, tonight there’s 9 of you, so option 1 – sharing a single car – isn’t going to cut it.  Option 2 is a cab, or in this case, multiple cabs.  That leaves out riding together.  It also leaves out keeping the same cars all night.  Option 3 is the ever popular “amateur car service”, but again… you’re gonna need more than one vehicle, and the odds are pretty good that whomever shows up won’t know the city, and will stare at his or her GPS the entire ride.



No, tonight you need more than that.  You need style.  You need class.  You need a professional chauffeur who knows the city, knows the hot spots, and will be behind the wheel of a big enough luxury vehicle to transport all of you to where the night takes you.


That’s the way to do girls night.  And best of all, you’ve got a rolling party on wheels, so if your chosen destinations don’t turn out quite like you’d hoped, just head back to the limo and cruise DC.  It’s win win.  And enjoy an adult beverage or three.  You and your girlfriends aren’t getting behind the wheel tonight.

When you’re ready to take “ladies night” to the next level, check out our DC limo fleet, and pick the perfect limousine.  Or if you need help, or have more questions, give us a call.  We’re here 24/7 to help you chose the best limo for your needs.


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