Airport Stress?

You have a business trip coming up.  You’re an executive who does this almost weekly.  You know the routine.  Plan ahead and get there insanely early.  Obviously, there are plenty of transportation choices when it comes to getting to DC area airports.  Option one is to drive yourself.  Option two is a cab.  Option three is to take the bus.  Option four is to use one of the amateur / phone app car services with cute names.  None of these options is ideal, of course…


If you’re looking to reduce stress, driving yourself is the worst choice.. unless you enjoy traffic, and over-priced parking (assuming the lots aren’t full when you get there).  And then you’ll have that thought in the back of your mind the whole trip – will my car be there when I get back?

What about a cab?

DC cab

Sure, they’re everywhere, and in most cases will get you there.  But it’s a gamble, since you never know who will show up, what condition the car is in, and whether or not they know where they’re going – will they take the fast way, or the long way so the meter adds up to a higher fare?

So what about the bus?


Providing it’s on time, and you left early enough to still get there if it’s late after all the stops, you’ll make your flight.  Is it a comfortable or relaxing experience? Do you really need to ask?

Amateur phone-app car service?


Hmm… who will show up?  Will they know the DC area enough to drive without staring at the GPS the entire time – taking the slowest route due to their inexperience?  Quite possibly, or you might get lucky.  The price is cheap, but this is a big part of why it’s cheap.  You get what you pay for.  It’s not exactly the best way to eliminate stress.

And what about a limousine?


Well, it’s definitely going to be a step above the previous options.  Sure, we’re a little biased since we are a limo company, but we’ve been doing this for a very long time, and we know how to get you to the airport in the best way possible.  We will show up on time, and navigate the most efficient routes – and we don’t need to use a GPS to do it.  Your ride will be a pleasant and relaxing experience, and you’ll arrive at the airport ready to deal with the lines and security hassles (yeah, sorry.. we can’t really help you there, but at least you will start that process in a better mood than if you had used any of the other transportation options we talked about).


So if this sounds good to you, check out our DC limousine fleet (we have sedans and shuttles too), or give us a call any time for more information.  We’re available 24/7 365, and our professional chauffeurs are ready to get you where you’re going in style.  And we can be there for you when you return as well.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your trip!


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